Machine Learning Powered Block Chain

Miners rewarded for solving machine learning computations


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TensorBit Features

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Useful Proof of Work

Miners solve AI equations rather than wasteful hashs, TensorBit algorithm allows this to happen.


API to allow companies to utilize blockchain machine learning

Reduced Costs

No need to purchase GPUs for intense machine learning training

Emerging Industry

Machine learning, AI, and machine vision are huge industries emerging.


Useful Proof of Work

Most current systems require that the individual clients do useless work such as solving hash functions. This results in massive amounts of electricity that powers computers to go to waste. A new form of neural network was created to start utilizing individual clients across the network to solve equations which lead to the training of a tensor deep stacking and compound hierarchical-deep model. The amount of computation power is massive compared to what is achievable on a single physical machine. This results in extremely quick model training times. This is very important when large scale problems are solved.

For example, for a company like Tesla, to train self driving car models it can take days and/or weeks. The theoretical computational power that this solution provides could cut that down to seconds or minutes. Speed of innovation will greatly accelerate.

Huge Opportunity

According to the private sector think tank, McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) - companies have invested 26 to 39 billion USD into machine learning and artificial intelligence. The industries which are adopting machine learning and artificial intelligence are mainly in the tech, automative, and financial services where they hope to make huge gains in this space. Artificial Intelligence (AI) investment has turned into a race for patents and intellectual property (IP) among the world’s leading tech companies. TensorBit is offering a service which will greatly speed up these companies and their race for patent and intellectual property.

Using TensorBits useful proof of work to incentivize miners with tokens to solve machine learning and AI equations, companies can quickly gain insights into the problems they are trying to solve. Currently companies need to spend millions of dollars on Physical Hardware GPUs, and power. This money can be saved by using TensorBit services.


Development Timeline

January 2017

The team started building out the idea of TensorBit with proof of work concept. This marks the beginning of the company.

September 2017

Development started for the ICO

October 2017

ICO funding period will be over and the real work will begin

November 2017 - March 2018

Additional team members will be hired to build out an alpha version of the product. An Alpha version will be released within this time period

March 2018 - December 2018

Development will continue to deliver a final working version of TensorBit which will provide an API and python package for companies to utilize.

December 2018 - Onwards

Continued product improvements

Pre Sale Timeline


Sep 22-27

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Oct 2-Oct 17

10% Bonus

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Companies with a large need for machine learning/AI

TensorBit Team

Meet the TENB Team

In euclidian geometry an equilateral triangle is considered perfect. The TensorBit team is a perfect trifecta of talent. Math, Science, And computer wizardy come together equilaterally.

Luuk Jansen started researching blockchain technology and how it could be harnessed to power machine learning. Once a proof of work was created, Luuk would go on to work with several very capable individuals to help build out his idea. Meet the team of TensorBit.

Noah Smit

Computer Scientist / Founder

Noah Smit


Fell in love with computer programming at a young age and is transforming the world we live in.

Sven Visser

Advanced Mathmatics / Founder

Sven Visser


Enjoys the abstractions that mathematics offers, and has made this his life pursuit.

Luuk Jansen

Data Scientist / Founder

Luuk Jansen


Passionate about data, artificial intelligence, and of course blockchain technology.

Tensor Bit Vision

A team of individuals who have a proof of work concept to utilize block chain technology to power machine learning

Machine learning powered blockchain as a service. TENB tokens will be used to purchase computing power. Please see whitepaper.

Please refer to whitepaper with proof of work concept and overall vision.

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This is your chance to be part of a huge emerging industry. TensorBit will be at the forefront of this industry. Useful equations will be solved and companies will be able to quickly gain insights using our services.

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Machine learning has never been this powerful.